The Story

Hi readers, my name is Nonkululeko Nkabinde, aka Nonkz, the writer and founder of The Woman CEO. I started the blog because I wanted to have an outlet that would inspire a new mentality amongst women. A platform that would lead to a continuous engagement about various matters on the journey to success. I specifically chose to focus on this area because I am on a journey to achieving success. And by success I simply mean what I term as being the life I want to lead. A life that isn’t filled with regrets because I was simply too afraid to do what was right for me. Regardless of the noise from family, friends and strangers.

The story behind the title isn’t a deep one, sadly. The title honestly just came to me one night when I was researching other bloggers and thinking of starting my own. However, thinking back I believe this title came at a time of my journey where I was learning and getting encouragement from the stories of women in power. And so, I wanted what I received then, and now, to be shared with others who may be going through the same thing.

Every post and video is to say: fuck the noise; focus on you.