About Us

The Woman Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO), aka The Woman CEO, is about empowering and educating women about the infinite intelligence within them to achieve success. It’s about learning from the women who’ve gone through the process of breaking down their limitations and connecting to the disciplines of achieving success. The women who’ve learnt that the tools and skills you’ll need to adapt, lead and succeed in life already lie within you. It’s about the women who are neither above nor below anyone but inspire others by their authenticity.

The role of The Woman CEO is to lead change by creating synergies and understanding amongst people of all genders, sexes and backgrounds. The Woman CEO is a role model who leads with focus, determination and tenacity. She uses her story as a tool and example to inspire others to dare to do different. She may come dressed in designer suits and killer heels, but her story bares all testament to the journey she has experienced.

The Woman CEO is the story of all of us.