A Silent Place

I’m back!

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for so long but that’s what happens when you’re a student with a full-time career. Now that I’m done writing – and secretly wishing I was on an island typing this post – I’m just grateful to be done and able to focus my time on me again.


During my exam period I had little time to truly sit with myself and just be – be in my thoughts, be able to sleep with a peace-of-mind and be free to just do as I please. I know it sounds like the typical experience of a student but it’s different when you’re working on establishing your career and trying to be a diligent student at the same time. I finally have a slight glimpse into the years I watched my mother be a student whilst simultaneously building her company and raising a family – I know now that it’s not easy. The hardest part is finding the time to just breathe in-between the constant demands on your time and energy. At some stage I was serving from an empty cup and I didn’t even know it until I had me-time.

I knew I was beginning to serve from an empty cup when I no longer was fully enjoying the moment before me and instead my mind was kept pre-occupied by everything I felt needed to get done. I got to a stage, during preparations towards my last exam, were my mind would get so pre-occupied with everything work that my fatigue would mean I’d sleep more whilst studying. Even my desires to get away from the city to explore myself in spaces I had planned for seemed to be fading away. This almost became my new normal way of functioning till I realised how unhappy I truly was deep down. My realization to this truth came when I stopped avoiding my desires and came to fully embrace the moment before me.

A silent place

It’s always easier to be in full serve to the things we believe will afford us the lifestyle we seek; that could mean more hours put into work, sleeping less, attending fewer parties or family functions. Basically, letting go of the things that seem like a distraction towards the attainment of your goals, but sometimes life also needs you to take time for yourself. Time to reflect and think about things you’ve achieved; things and people you’ve had to let go of; regrets (if any) and what’s next for your life. Otherwise life becomes difficult to distinguish between serving from an empty cup or filling a void, both equally dangerous.

Now that I’m embracing more me-time I’m taking myself out on more dates, exploring and learning more about myself in new spaces and just having fun finding the balance between life & work. I love my silent place because there’s an overall calmness to my life and I’m continuing to evolve into the woman I want to be. I urge you to find your silent place.

Love and happiness,



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