A page from my notebook

The art of letter writing has slowly become a forgotten form instead instant messaging, DMs and emails have replaced it. But a few weeks back a friend received a posted letter and I was immediately inspired to gift my ex-boyfriend the same thing. So late Tuesday evening I began scratching around in my art & crafts bag for things I could use to create this letter. Whilst scratching around I came across my notebook that I thought would be perfect to use as paper for my letter. When I opened the book I came across more than I had expected.

Pages of surprises

Before I share the beauty I discovered on the pages of my notebook I want you guys to understand a critical element of my character, I’ve always loved journaling. My love was inspired by my grade 8 English teacher Ms Williams, she encouraged us to keep a journal and we had to submit this journal once every two weeks. At the time my mom had already encouraged me to keep a journal so that I could improve my writing skills, so I was excited by the prospect of having my teacher learn more about me through reading my private thoughts. Since I was fresh in my teens, hormonal changes were occurring and sometimes, it just felt better to hear things from a stranger instead of my parents. I loved writing in my school journal because Ms William’s comments would either encourage you to talk to your crush, confront a friend, basically she helped me start overcoming my fears at an early age. Whatever the circumstance, the journal provided a gateway to learn about myself, learn about Ms Williams through her responses and most importantly it allowed for freedom of expression.

Given my history it’s no surprise why I love blogging today, anyway, back to the pages of my notebook. I started paging through the book to find a clean sheet of paper to begin writing on; as I was paging through I noticed pencil notes in my handwriting. In those notes I came across concepts I had written for shows I want to produce, crib notes I had written for interviews I had 2 years ago with women for TWC (The Woman CEO), and a note about the words “I am” (as pictured below). These notes may not sound like much but they served as a reminder of things I’ve done or things I wish to do. Furthermore the note about “I am” is a reflection of where I was when I first began to develop the improved version of TWC. The words on the pages still serve as a reminder of the things that are still true and relevant in my life at present. The notes provide me with the same gateway that Ms Williams had provided us – a gateway to self. The self I am constantly working on to become better and adaptable to my evolution.


A page from my notebook

Although I ended up burning the fluorescent light past midnight to ensure my letter looked, read and felt like an expression of my authentic self, it gave me so much pleasure to see what I had created. I don’t have a picture of the letter to share with you but I can happily report back that the recipient called to say how much he appreciated my gesture. I guess that explains why we are rekindling things now, but that’s a story for another day.

The pages in my notebook reminded me how a simple thing like jotting down my thoughts and feelings can reveal one’s evolution. The pages unveil the parts of your life that no longer sit at the forefront of your mind, instead they become the words that give you strength to trust yourself.

Love and Happiness,



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