Girlfriend Olympics

Who knew that the Winter Olympics would inspire such an interesting as well as a funny thread of tweets about the levels that couples do in their relationships. And people say no one cares for the Winter games. I won’t lie I caught onto the trend late but my goodness I loved every second of my catch-up on the boyfriend vs girlfriend Olympics. There were the ‘damn girl’ moments where I got schooled on what a 21st century girlfriend really does; the cuter and more in my budget tweets; and the ‘oh shit’ that’s just funny tweets.

The participants

The premise of the ‘’Olympics” is a commentary on the extent that one goes in doing or buying things for their partner to show how much they love or appreciate them. Truth be told the number of real participants in these Olympics is like the number of African countries and participants who qualified for some of the winter games, minimal.

The participants at the top rallying for the gold medal were the girlfriends who took their bae’s out for safari quad biking, spas, picnics, bought him a (branded) TV and the crème-de le crème flying to the boyfriend’s city to treat him to a day of outings. These are the ‘damn girl’ moments I was talking about. Even now when I browse through social media and see the pictures I am in shock that this shit is real. These ladies showed me the possibilities of what a 21st century girlfriend can do for her man. Here I was thinking that cooking new recipes for my bae was enough.

Then there are the participants who tried for top spot but really, they were in the bronze and silver leagues. These are the cuter ‘I can also do that as well’ moments – these participants bought bae groceries, PlayStation games and sneakers. These participants had me contemplating playing in these games. Then there were participants who thought they were in the race but really, they were just there to entertain us. The best one was a girl posing in different corners of a spaza shop with the caption of ‘’you can get anything in the shop, even the whole store…I’m buying’’, then you see the prices of some of the goods (i.e. R7.99 for a chocolate bar) and it’s easy to understand how the caption is fitting.

To be fair the girlfriend Olympics isn’t quite the spectacle that the boyfriend Olympics were. Fortunately ladies, there are still men who treat their women like queens. And I don’t mean it in just a materialistic sense, I mean a boyfriend surprising his girlfriend at work because even though he may not believe in Valentine’s Day, he still recognises that she does. However, there were the boyfriends who were serious about rallying for the gold medal, they bought cars (yes, a car), expensive boutique roses, helicopter and plane trips and the bank rolling list continues. The only thing I didn’t understand was why I rarely got to see who or what these boyfriends look like because they were either taking the pictures or had a huge emoji covering their faces. What the fuck is up with that?

Truthfully, the odds of more females participating in the girlfriend Olympics is still slim. Males are still admired when perceived to be the hunters in the relationship and sometimes part of the hunt means that your paper is stacked right and you have a sense of direction in life. It’s not an unfair or prejudice perspective since innately our brains are still wired with Stone Age references (if you read or watch The female brain by Louann Brizendine you’ll understand better). The apparent division driven between us will always come from the opinions of opposing camps who don’t always have the facts.

The medallist ceremony

When someone competes in figure skating it’s easy to see why they get awarded with a gold medal but in the girlfriend Olympics it’s difficult to distinguish a winner. It’s easy to want to say that the person who spent the most money is the winner since it appears more valuable. Yet value isn’t just derived from the spoils of luxurious gifts; value is that intangible imprint that you leave on someone’s life. All material goods have an expiry date so let’s not act like we won’t be getting excited for the next shiny thing that comes our way.

I guess the real question about the Olympics is why am I so broke that I can’t participate? I’m joking, but seriously it raises the question whether the girlfriend and boyfriend Olympics suddenly creates pressure on modern-day relationships. Personally, I don’t believe that is necessarily the case because gifting of high-end material goods has always been there so it’s up to the parties in the relationship to determine what’s right for them. The social media world is always going to try make you envious about shit that someone else has.

Love and happiness,




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