Otaku: Obsession

Otaku: a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly the anime and manga fandom.

I fucken love this term, it gives power to the often negatively connoted word obsession. For some odd reason people assume obsession to mean that you are isolated and anti-social thus seen to not have a place in the world. Yet, otaku reveals this beauty of what people discover and are able to share with others from their single-minded focus on something they love or are passionate about. I wish more of us engaged in otaku so that we could see the depths of the rabbit-holes that surround us and share our findings. And if it weren’t for people’s obsessions with their curiosities the world wouldn’t be this interesting place many of us awake to everyday.

Focus = Expansion

Some friends and I have been discussing in length since mid-2017 of how we want to expand ourselves and how we intend on achieving it. We saw from our personal and business achievements how circumstances altered, and then the right people were drawn to us to assist us in achieving our goals for the year. I personally had an amazing year – even though I lost friendships – I learnt to love myself more, be more confident and that I am amazing. My focus, my otaku, revealed to me how much I was trying to hide from myself; how fearful I was of my own light; and how shallow a lot of things I thought I had really were. I needed to lose the friendships to see myself, my role in them and to truly see what they meant when tested. The best part about finally coming to terms with these truths is that I let go – I freed myself from the veil I was clutching onto for fear of being seen.

Now the year ‘20-enjoy’ is about continuing to define our focus on the goals we have set out for ourselves, business, the broader vision and how they all merge to make us a more effective team. A personal goal of mine is to grow the viewership for The Woman CEO (TWC). I truly believe there’s a network of women who can benefit from this platform; more than that I just love the sisterhood that has been forming. That’s why all feedback and subscriptions are welcome that way there can be expansion beyond my personal capacity and thus fresher content can grow as a result of more interactions. The gift of expansion is that one can give more intently, perfect example being one of Oprah’s famous lines, “You get one. You get one. Everybody gets one”. Shit who knows, with the growth of TWC I might just pull my own Oprah moment. But even if that doesn’t happen I would have the sisterhood of women of all backgrounds engaging in expansionary conversations.

Focus = Otaku = Results

You can’t have single-minded focus without obsession and vice versa, the two are not mutually inclusive. I guess the real question is, what are you afraid of discovering about yourself? What are you not willing to leave behind?

My focus, my otaku, taught me that the pain of not evolving is more painful than the suffering of fear itself since it is more natural for us to evolve mentally, spiritually and physically than it is to fear. The thing about focus or otaku is that whether you intend it or not there will always be a result. The results will always serve as a lesson towards your evolution, however, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to learn from it. To me a single-minded focus, otaku, means you are more in control of the outcome you want to achieve.

Love and happiness,



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