It has come to that time of the year where everyone begins preparing for the festive season and wrapping up the last business days. Similarly, this will be the last post for this year and what an amazing year it has been. My friends and I dubbed 2017: the year of abundance, and it has been nothing short of abundant. We received more than we thought we would, but more than that we continue to witness each other’s growth and for that I am eternally grateful. Now it’s time to enter ‘20-enjoy’ and live our best lives.

Silver lining in the darkness

The true gift from the year of abundance has been my reformed attitude – my attitude to myself, money, family, boyfriend, community and others. My attitude adjustment to all these factors and more in my life meant I became more aware to the role I played in the relationships, as well as my responsibilities. For a while my fear of disappointing others, rejection and their thoughts of me plagued my relationships to different degrees, thus causing me to not being confident enough to trust my intuition. It was only later this year that I realised how my fears were enabling behaviours in people towards me and the true role I was playing in these relationships. Also, my lack of responsibility for things made me aware to my cowardliness and my child-like attitude.

My lack of responsibility and fears lead me to ‘the darkness’ – ‘the darkness’ is the space we occupy when we are trying to navigate through our problems to arrive at a solution/lesson. The beauty of ‘the darkness’ is that it forces us to confront our truths and begin to make smarter decisions for our lives. Decisions which are never easy because they often involve moving out of our comfort zones and embracing a change. Yet change is only a symbol of our growth and that can only mean better things are to come, but only if the change is for good. A wise person said, “You can’t grow without changing. You can’t change without growing.” So remember the next time you are experiencing ‘the darkness’ that there’s a lesson (silver lining) that awaits you on the other side.


As we enter 2018 repeat these words when feeling doubtful or uncomfortable about something, ’20-enjoy!’ That’s the simplest and most honest answer I can offer you because there will be many times in life when your circumstances don’t match your dreams. But that should never stop you from finding ways to find contentment and happiness in the present moment. So instead of finding yourself trying to compete or live up to a social media life, just focus on finding what brings you happiness in the moment even if it’s something outside the usual.

As a good-bye but see you soon I want to leave you with two things: you are beautiful and you have something to offer this world, so don’t be afraid to express it because of other people’s fears. Let your light shine, that’s what you were designed to do on this planet. Till ‘20-enjoy!’ have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Love and Happiness,



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