The Sandwich

Ladies, its December time and that usually involves quite a bit of casual sex (for some of us) with either a guy you’ve been eyeing and chatting to or met on holiday. However, be careful to not fall victim to the sandwich – the sandwich is when one guy is the filling to your bedroom meal that you unknowingly have in common with a friend.

Censor your shit

Married women have the formula when it comes to talking about their sex lives, they censor that shit. They have no interest in divulging what their husbands did to get them glowing, all we know from their glow is that it was a fucken amazing time. A guy friend was telling me how he is in the middle of a sandwich situation and he says the main reason for it is because the girl-friend (not his girlfriend) divulges everything to the friend about their sex life. Thus causing the friend to become wet and stemming her curiosity about what they could do in-between the sheets.

Truthfully, I was shocked and surprised that that could be the main reason for the sandwich to arise. Especially since I know as ladies we love telling our girlfriends how our ‘man’ (if not your boyfriend) picked us up and pushed us against the wall then started fucking you, or how he made you come from doggy. Basically giving our girlfriends the blow-by-blow details of everything that happened the night before not realising that maybe one of them is getting wet from what you’re saying. My guy friend told me how when the girl-friend was spilling beans about the night before, the other friend started texting him and telling him how she just heard about all his bedroom skills. Then a few minutes later she was over at his place trying to get her own glow-up experience from him. And if you were wondering whether he fucked her – he did especially since he’s not dating any of them. I mean this isn’t the first time he experienced this with girls who are close friends, he has even had threesome offers as a result.

He said something so important to me, he said guys don’t tell each other about the details of their sexual experiences with their girlfriends or causal partners, yet women feel the need to share without considering the consequences of what they’re doing. I didn’t think that sharing could result in a friend entertaining the idea of fucking your crush or boyfriend. However I have seen how friends will like the same guy then he has the power of choice, and once he has made a decision on who he wants, the one who ends up being friend zoned might still try even though she knows he is interested in the friend.

The Sandwich

I get that after 25 the market seems to get smaller for a potential boyfriend, one that can possibly become your husband, but that isn’t grounds for us as ladies to start poaching from our friends behind their backs. Unless of course you guys have an open and honest relationship that doesn’t frown upon the idea of you guys fucking the same guy. Personally I feel any solid and healthy relationship is built on the grounds of communication so if you want your integrity and loyalty to your friendship to not be questioned then be honest. It’s easy to want to act selfishly but people never forget what you did even after they forgive you.

Happy Holidays,



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