Precious Jewels

Paulo Coelho wrote a beautiful short piece about how a religious wife used the metaphor of jewels to tell her husband about the passing of their sons. Here’s the link to the piece: The metaphor inspired what I call precious jewels: our thoughts.

What are thoughts

Thoughts can often be the unnoticed things that fill our day, yet the most life altering. They rarely come with a manual on how to be mined for all their worth. However, when you begin to focus your mind on your vision then you begin to cultivate thoughts that can only yield you abundance. A gift freely given to us all to enjoy.

Thoughts only become things when backed by emotion. Nothing from your mind can come into fruition without some sort of feeling that tells you why – why it’s right or wrong, why it feels good, etc. Everything is spurred by your why. If it wasn’t then you wouldn’t act on the thought. The journey of a thought acted on is filled with troughs and peaks, each bearing its own lessons. Pema Chodron said, “the lesson never leaves you until you’ve learnt what it needed to teach you”.

My lesson

The greatest lesson I learnt was self-love. The thought of my self-esteem was often murky and rooted in old-fashioned ideals. Ideals bound to what is believed to make for a successful and respected woman in society but never really teaching her what love is. I, like others, desired for my parents’ approval of things that I was doing or wanted to do in my life. For a while I received their approval but when I decided to drop out of varsity and pursue my dreams they didn’t support me, instead they (along with extended family members) ostracized me. They didn’t believe that I could possibly become a person of value by choosing to embark on this journey. They believed success and respect could only be earned through traditional means. What my parents and extended family members failed to realise through their ostracising is that they left me vulnerable to seek for support outside of love.

My initial drive made me resilient to the pain but my vulnerability left me exposed to seeking for love and approval through others, often guys. Although I made great ground with my business I lacked self-love. I could accept rejection from the countless doors that closed on me but I couldn’t face the rejection and iciness of home. Home is meant to be the single place to feel protection and love from the bullshit of the world except our family home just became a house that I received shelter and food from.

Thus, I rarely took responsibility for who I was because I felt that if people didn’t give a shit then why should I, so I ended up having an adverse outlook on life. Yet, at the centre of it all stood me. Me who wanted to run from my truths because the brunt of responsibility was too much to bear at times. I couldn’t always see my hard times as a time to reflect and act on what my intuition told me to do. I couldn’t see the glimmer of every intuitive thought because it didn’t always seem to have the sparkle others spoke of. I learnt in time that whatever comes from within always sparkles and the only way to recognize the sparkle is to trust it. I also learnt that nothing can be taken away from you without you allowing it. We don’t often realise how the thoughts we fuel through our actions can enable the bad in our lives.

Precious jewels

Precious jewels only become valuable in one’s eyes when they recognize what it is that they have before them. It’s hard to see something as intangible as a thought as always having meaning beyond what manifests immediately. However, the greatest causes and effects of our lives lie in our thoughts. I battled my contradictory relationship of self-esteem and found my fulfilling centre rooted in self-love. A gift filled with abundance and can never be taken away from me, but greater than that I now have a healthier and happier relationship with my parents and extended family members. Fuck the world because it will always have its issues.

Take care of your precious jewels because they all you have to protect you from the distractions of the world.

Love and happiness,


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