Fix Your Crown

Last week I attended one of the Lionesses’ LeanIn breakfast talks. The breakfast talk is about networking and getting inspired by other women entrepreneurs in an intimate setting that allows for open engagement between speakers and audience. One of the lady’s said something so powerful before she spoke of her journey, she said “Queens fix each other’s crowns”. She was referring to her team that helps her achieve success. But the quote stuck with me because that’s what we should all be doing for each other.

I’ve been blessed with the love and support of girlfriends, guy friends and my king throughout the different stages of my entrepreneurial journey. They have been my therapists through my previous self-destructive drinking problem, giving me tough love when I was with toxic boyfriends and brought clarity to the temporary shitty low moments on this journey. Whatever the circumstance or no matter how many times I fucked up they helped me remain focused on my path. Their love gave me the strength, determination and resilience to fix my crown. And for that I am forever grateful to them. #loveyouguys.

I’ve learnt that taking the time to educate and empower a friend, family member or stranger doesn’t take anything away from you, instead it creates an opportunity for learning from each other. Queening is about being in your light whilst raising others with you. It’s about owning your throne without being condescending nor feeling superior to anyone. And every queen knows regardless of circumstance or environment she’s always a boss bitch.

Look I only got to the stage of seeing and acknowledging my crown late last year. I had hit my lowest low and had no other choice but to raise myself from it. I had to take responsibility for me without blaming other people. I began by exercising “no” more often in my vocabulary to guard myself against distracting and draining individuals as well as self-created circumstances. I confronted my deep-rooted pains to learn of the masks I built to “protect” myself. But more than anything else I learnt what it truly meant to love yourself. And when I did, I saw my crown.

The journey to queening isn’t one paved with tiles nor does it come with recognition from others. It’s often lonely and painful, but once you are fully immersed in your queendom you will know. One way of knowing will be people saying, “You look different”.

So queens; fix your crowns.

Love and Happiness,



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