Signs of Land

There’s a time in life when everything around you points towards a new direction for your life. Subtle but significant signs showing you that change is neigh. With friends, we like to refer to it as: ‘signs of land’.

‘Signs of land’ literally comes from the thinking premise of being on a ship sailing towards the destined land then seeing parts of the land as the ship nears the dock. Once you arrive on the land you know that things are different and require a different mindset to adapt and survive. However, the journey to arriving at the land is never straightforward, unless, you’ve done the trip many times before. But for a first timer ‘signs of land’ is a symbol of knowing the end of the journey is near and the beginning of your desired end begins. And how do you know you arriving at the right place: you feel it. It’s a feeling of knowing everything about you spiritually, mentally and physically is in alignment. You no longer doubt yourself instead the feeling is strong within you to trust that everything will work out.

I’m in a space were a life changing journey is coming to an end and I know this because ‘signs of land’ are confirming the feeling daily. Unfortunately, I can’t share details presently but all will be revealed in time. The greatest thing about ‘signs of land’ is a deep gratitude – gratitude in knowing that you can trust yourself to be guided to what you want and that you are ready to receive it. Best of all is discovering: what’s inside you, what were your limits and who you are.

Every ‘signs of land’ is a cleansing of what you were and a reconnection with the sleeping parts within you. Now you can dance naked and free with no fuck to give. Knowing that when next you embark on a new journey you have the tools, knowledge and awareness of how to see ‘signs of land’. More than that, you are patient and trust the journey towards the attainment of your desired end. Since no ‘signs of land’ will reveal themselves without you  being fully immersed in the change agent that we all need to experience first so that you can appreciate what the new land offers.

Know that it’s no easy journey and you’ll constantly be tested along the way. But when you pause, and pay attention, you’ll discover the beauty that surrounds you.

Love and Happiness,


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