Writing Naked

Naked: (synonyms) stark, undisguised, simple.

A few synonyms I could relate to when I heard the phrase during an Investment lecture. Besides learning its financial meaning it sparked the idea to literally write this piece naked but it’s not warm enough for that. Instead it got me thinking how there’s more within that needs to be bared then just our beautiful bodies.

External bodily changes can often be easier to bear since all you need to do is change your diet and exercise more. But internal changes are often the hardest to recognize since they often invisible. They are disguised as painful, confusing and conflicting who you presently are – thus making them easier to ignore. the hardest thing about internal changes is letting go of things you use to know and believe to be right for you. Along with that is being able to trust and believe God, Omnipresence or whatever you might call it that things will work out. Such that you are able to recognize that there’s beauty in being stark. There’s beauty in showing who you truly are, cracks and all.

In the beginning of my blogging journey I was afraid. I was afraid of failing; afraid of rejection; afraid that I wasn’t good enough to blog. Especially when I researched other bloggers in different genres and saw the caliber of work they were producing. Fortunately, my fears were not greater than the prospect of where I was going. An energy greater than myself gave me the strength to trust and believe that I’d manage through the falls and rejections. Also, that I was enough to fulfill whatever this journey had in store for me. I’ve also been fortunate that I’ve had the support of friends and women of all backgrounds, who I didn’t know, help make this process easier.

Process is something we all experience, even when unaware to it. Process is what makes the journey of life colorful and worth everything that comes with it. I love process because it strips me of layers that no longer serve who I’m becoming. It has stripped me of the notion that vulnerability means no control. For a while – through the influence of shitty cheesy movies and insecurities – I created an  idea of myself that believed vulnerability meant you lacked strength and didn’t love yourself. Truth-be-told I created this image to mask the pain I carried in my low self-esteem.

Today, I embrace my vulnerability because it has opened me to love. Love availed me to the truth within that I am enough. No gift is greater than the knowledge that you possess everything within you. Also it gets rid of the confusion that actually surrounds you that you may not be aware to. I know I wasn’t until strangers and friends revealed it to me. More than that I have learnt how love gives me a vision beyond jealousy, envy and ego. Love constantly shows me the power of embracing my nakedness.

So: crown your nakedness in love the same way you crown your feet in beautiful shoes.

Love and Happiness,


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