Defiantly Herself

We all have a story to share regardless of what you may think that story would add to others. It’s in stories that we learn of the parts that make a person. It’s in stories that we embrace one another. Unfortunately, some stories narrative gets tainted by the hands of propaganda and get lost in the shallow emotions sparked by it.

One such story is that of Winnie-Madikizela Mandela. I only came to learn a fraction of this woman’s story when I watched the documentary Winnie by Pascal Lamche. I didn’t realize how little is shared in history books about the role Winnie played during apartheid and throughout the transition into democracy. How her defiant nature made certain men within the ANC and apartheid government fear her. And how that fear lead them to use dirty, but ingenious, tools of propaganda to taint her name. Without giving too much away about this amazingly eye-opening documentary I just want to share a few lessons I learnt from her.

Firstly, always seek the truth. The internet and books are your friend. Use them to discover and unearth the answers to your “why?”. Use them to be more engage with life and everything that this world has to offer.

Secondly, be defiantly yourself. Throw your middle-finger to the senseless bullshit of the world and embrace everything that’s beautiful about you. You are here for a purpose and no one or nothing should diminish your beauty because of their projected fears.

Lastly, narrate your story from a place of love. You were created in the image of love. A great leader told me don’t tell your story from “I wonder” or “one day” because if you begin there you are dim to the fact that you’ve already started the process towards that which you desire. Instead begin your story with “I am in the process” or “I intend” so that you always speaking power into your desire. However you begin it, speak of it has already happening.

Love and Happiness,


P.S. I had the privilege of watching this amazing documentary at a screening but whatever you need to watch it – do it. Her story will open you to more than what you think you know.




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