Your Eyes

We use them daily to observe and interpret the world around us. We rest them to escape into the deepest part of ourselves to see beyond what’s reflected. We use them to see but be blind to what’s around us. See your eyes are a humble part of your body whose power can easily be forgotten.

Your eyes are as important to communication as your body language. They allow a small glimpse into your world; into who are or aren’t; into the projection of your mind. Your eyes ma out what we believe to be right and wrong. Yet, we limit our vision by the emotions we attach to what we see. We forget to ask “why?” then cage our minds by what’s projected onto us by men and women who’ve created their ideals as our truths.

However, there’s this majestic, curious and abundant place within us that removes all limitations created by sight: your imagination. The one place deep within us that is free from any attachments of the world and sees further than circumstances. It’s the “why” to our every “how”. It defines you. I learn of its power daily from the love around me. I don’t just mean love in the romantic sense, I mean the love reflected through people and places. A love I’ve always known of but lost through my constant belief in my insecurities. Now this love exists because I said fuck my insecurities and continue to love myself in my completeness. Finally, the deepest part of my being shared its light without fearing its shadow.



Johari’s window provides great insight into oneself and what one can learn about themselves when looking within. The one area I want to draw attention to is the blind spot or blind self. Our blind spots can be filled with many things but the most common are ignorance, arrogance and fear. It’s the place in self where we build defenses to protect the wrongs we believe to be true. Yet, what we truly blind to are the beliefs and emotions that we associate to thoughts. When you peel back the veil of your beliefs and emotions you’ll find it’s rooted in your emotional intelligence.

They may be humble and often undermined but take time to appreciate their vision. A vision of what’s visible and invisible. A vision of who you are and who you are becoming. A vision so entrenched in your being that nothing and no one can deter you from achieving it. A vision: your eyes.


Love and happiness,


IG and Twitter: @BossLady_NN

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