The power of asking “why?” has led you to discovering what matters to you. It creates the backbone of who you are by answering what’s important. Yet “why?” can often be a question forgotten.

Asking yourself “why?” provides reason or purpose. It builds the intentions on which one chooses to establish themselves. It moves you to have a voice. “Why?” says fuck what everyone else thinks or says this is what I know to be true. Whether that truth is built on ignorance or complete understanding it doesn’t matter because what you truly saying is I am not afraid of myself. And that is true power.

Power lies in understanding your convictions; it demonstrates your ability to think autonomously. Having that backbone means you are not easily swayed by the things of the world. You understand that your beliefs in your thoughts shape your universe. But more importantly they root you in your values. However, asking “why?” can be an afterthought.

Great marketers know that being first-in-mind comes by stimulating all 5 senses whilst leaving little to the imagination. “Leaving little to the imagination” simply means little is left for you to think about. By eliminating autonomous thought you create a tribe that subscribes to the idea being sold. For that moment you are owned by someone else’s idea of the world. There’s nothing wrong with that if you understand why. To arrive to an answer of “why?” means stripping away all censorship that you’ve been taught; and allowing yourself to travel down rabbit roles whilst always asking why.

Ask “why?” so that your reasons today don’t become your future regrets.


Love and happiness always,


IG and Twitter: @BossLady_NN



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