The weight of your worth

Our worth is constantly being measured by various units and circumstances. In some instances it can be about your net worth; other times it can be your values and morals; and other times your worth doesn’t matter because you simply don’t give a shit about yourself.

Net worth is a funny thing since it’s currency is measured through the smallest unit: money. Don’t get me wrong money is important, shit I wouldn’t have pursued my dreams if it wasn’t for the payoff. But I say it’s the smallest unit because it’s often measured according to how one values money. See we delude ourselves into thinking that we are attracted or inspired by people who have the most money. However if that were the case then drug lords who man these streets would be highly respected. Yet our moral compass doesn’t allow us to respect them. Why? Because it goes against your true worth: values.

Values are our greatest measurement of worth. Values set the tone and standards of your life. Furthermore, it translates to how people perceive you and whether that translates to respect. No valuable network is built without common values. Values let people know who you are and if who you are can only be measured by money then you are cheap. Essentially you are a prostitute to your circumstances. The weight of your worth is always determined by how much anyone can put before you, The thing people forget is cheap people are always replaceable. Worst of all you have to do more work to retain that level of lifestyle.

Values set the standards of your life. This is the weightiest measure of worth. Our values are always tested in some obvious ways or not so obvious to self. The obvious ways are through money, relationships, family and other visible ways. But the invisible/not so obvious are the hardest to detect to self. They lie in the shadows of our minds and only reveal themselves in our actions. Self-worth is easily spoken about but rarely acted on. Many times I told myself I’d never stoop my standards to dating an abusive guy yet I found myself enabling verbal abuse because I thought that’s what I was worth. I saw it but ignored the signs because I chose to value myself according to the bullshit mass measurement of “marriage material”. I simply didn’t give a shit about myself because I didn’t trust that I was enough.

The weight of your worth is determined by your willingness to assume responsibility for yourself. Assuming responsibility means you are aware to the greatness that lies within you. Your greatness isn’t easily measured by money instead it stands on principles and values that exceed any time value of money.

Love and happiness,


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