Planting seeds

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “you are what you think about” or “your mind is a garden so be careful what you sow”. I may have paraphrased the last phrase a bit but you get the jest. Sometimes people argue against these phrases since at times some seeds that are sown never come to fruition. However, people often forget that it is our habits which accompany the seed that leads to manifestation of the thought.

It’s easy to hear many of these sayings related to thoughts becoming things yet people often wait for the result to see the power of something in-tangent like a thought. But for a moment I would like you to think back about a pinnacle moment in your life e.g. getting your degree, buying your first place or car, etc. Or even those magical moments when you think about something and it happens a few minutes later. Whatever the scenario the point is that a thought manifested itself into reality. A reality people unfortunately see as rigid and unchangeable, yet, time and again someone or something in your life appears to remind you that nothing is set in rigid lines. The only way for anything to remain rigid is if you reinforce the thought. Beyond that there’s always something around us to make us aware to more than what we perceive. The decision to see and accept it lies within you. But please understand that this doesn’t apply to trying to change people. Only the person who wants to change themselves can change, everyone else is simply an instrument towards helping with their change.


I’ve learnt how the power of conscious thought can either lead you done a path of becoming a prisoner to your own thoughts or freeing you to discover your infinite intelligence. The most important thing to learn from either consequence of thought is that you always have an opportunity to make another decision. It’s about choosing to trust and allow yourself to go through the process towards achieving it, no matter what others may say or think. See the only way a thought fails is if you decide that it’s too hard to be patient to wait for the results; it’s not worth the process because everyone else around you is moving ahead quicker; or you have nothing new to offer. But those things are only true because you’ve told yourself that they are. The true power of thought is about taking responsibility for it. And responsibility can only be manifested through your habits that turn into action.

Daily we plant more thoughts (i.e. seeds) than we care to remember. Some of them pass us; others remain and we build a path towards achieving them; whilst others we store in our archives only to dust off when needed. Regardless, plant seeds that will yield you happiness because when you faced with death they will be your first visitors.

Love always,


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