You vs You

The greatest battle that lies within us all: the battle with self. The battle often happens between the You you know and the You you aim to become. A battle I know too well in my life; a battle that isn’t about size instead it’s about confronting the things we tuck away deep within our conscious to ignore. That place – comfort zones.

Comfort zone: “a settled method of working that requires little effort and yields only barely acceptable results”.The You you know will always feel more confident and in control to face the world within the confines of your comfort zones. And it’s natural to not want to drift from it because new territory leaves you vulnerable to confronting self-inflicted limitations. Something, the You you know has learnt to disguise as ‘security’. Yet this ‘security blanket’ can be filled with lies, wrong company, insecurities, lack of self-reliance and fear. The You I knew loved everything about her comfort zones; it’s there I felt accepted and safe. It’s there I felt confident in my ignorance. But most of all I never had to confront my truths because no one else around me was; and those who were were secretly revered.

If the You you know stands firm in her truth then may your light continue to inspire and aspire. However if the You you know is feeling conflicted or stuck then begin today by taking small steps against what you know. Building new productive habits comes with sacrificing the one’s that no longer serve You. I could make suggestions but they would only be fruitful if You decide on what it is You want for your life. Yet all answers lie within You if You take the time to listen to your inner-voice and learn from it. You’ll only ever pay attention to things or people You want to learn something from. So may whatever next step You take leader You further away from your comfort zones and lead You into spaces that lead You to think and build your greatness.

The You you aim to become is clear about her direction. She understands why she’s here and stands in her truth with no fear. She also knows that her journey to achieving her light comes with confronting self-doubts to find self-love. She understands all too well that it is more natural for one to adopt insecurities and fears since the journey to loving oneself is lonely and isolated from what is known. Yet the You you aim to become knows that love pervades everything.

Thus the true victor between the battle of You vs You is: love. Loving yourself in your truth becomes the end of You vs You and the beginning of You.

be you



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