Lessons of T.I.L

It’s that time of the year when we start reflecting on everything that has happened so far but also still looking forward to things to come. The journey of this blog has been the most unexpected but also the most rewarding. There are things I wouldn’t have known were possible had I not surrendered to discovering them. More than ever – through the rejections and the opening of unexpected doors – I had fun, and I can’t wait to share more stories next year.

The 3 key lessons I learnt from my interactions and this journey in general are: The Power of Thought, Intention, and Love.

The Power of Thought


The power of thought has been a recurring theme in many of my previous blog posts but the lesson becomes clearer when you have to put it into action. The truth is the power of thought is a constant exercise of decision making and taking responsibility for it. It’s about being aware of your dominant thoughts – dominant thoughts are the thoughts that sit at the forefront of our minds and lead us into action – they manifest themselves into our physical life; they can either make us happy or be our greatest lesson.In Marianne Williamson’s bestseller A Return to Love she states this principle so simply ‘thought is cause; experience is effect’.

The interesting thing I learnt was when I saw a YouTube video by Dr Wayne Dyer showing how the power of thought actually affects your body. Here’s the link so you can see the demonstration of the lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JHVVyPcRmg (I promise you it’s worth the watch).



All dominant thoughts are guided by an intention: intention is having the discipline to understand the ‘why’ behind the thought. Intention is the reason why you set goals; intention is the driving force behind thoughts manifesting themselves; intention shapes our preferences; intention is what connects us to our higher selves. “You create your reality with your intentions” – Gary Zukav, author of bestseller The Seat of the Soul. By living your life with intention then you are aligned to receiving the gifts that are meant for you. Everything that God wants to bestow upon you becomes yours without having to force or control anything. However you must be willing to be lead by Him when He tells you to, that means listening to your intuition.



Love is the source that we all stem from; it is a source that goes by many names i.e. Buddha, Allah, God. The source is the divine intelligence that created and controls all that exists. Love is the force that reminds us of our light through the cloudy and dark days. It is what transcends time and makes the invisible visible. I am Love. You are Love. We are Love. Applied Love perseveres through all the experiences of what we are aiming to achieve but more than every it reminds us of our humility and gratitude.”Love gives energy and direction. It’s spiritual fuel.” – Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love.

Farewell for now

Through this journey I have come to learn that these 3 tools are the keys to unlocking everything that we are; they are available to all of us to manifest the life we so deeply desire. But understand that no road to glory is without it’s challenges but the gift of the challenges is to remind you to remain open to learning and growing in the direction of your desires. Furthermore it empties you to being more available to the now thus opening you to the infinite creativity that lies within you.

I hope that as the year draws the curtain on 2016 that you may experience a greater shift towards Love, Harmony, and Co-operation. That as you enter 2017 you are more focused and aligned with the desires of heart regardless of the hurdles that may come from the journey.

Love and Happiness,




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