Summertime | Raksha and Sandhya


The name alone is infectious but the co-founders are really the source of the beauty of this company. Co-founders Raksha Mahabeer and Sandhya Singh are two dynamic women who chose to follow they calling by leaping into their entrepreneurial journey after successful corporate jobs.

Founded in 2007 by the two ladies, a once two women show to it presently employing a small and effective team that has lead to the organic growth of Summertime. The ladies attribute their success to ‘the vibration of success’ or ‘the success vibration’.  Aah that phrase just warms me up every time I think of it. And it will do the same to you when you hear how Raksha explains this feeling that we all experience in our lives.

Besides the success vibration theses ladies, like many other ladies, I have interviewed echoed the importance of just doing it. Simply trying and trusting your idea enough to pursue it. That’s a lesson I’d like to echo as well since that was how the birth of The Woman CEO all began.

Learn more about these ladies on my YouTube channel:


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