Pioneer Nation Special

I have always loved attending Levi’s Pioneer Nation since it started in Braamfontein in 2014. Besides my quest to fill my curiosity about South African start-up entrepreneurs (plus the goodie bags are a nice added bonus) it’s the variety of speakers – who range in age and gender – that have me returning every year. This year was special for me because I got to record the event for #TheWomanCEO and there were many interesting women from various industries e.g. rabbit farmer, bee keeper/farmer, aluminium wielder, and many others.

Best of all more than 50% of the women speakers spoke on the main stage. The tide is changing on how women view themselves as change makers and job creators.The best part for me was getting to listen to each women’s story and understanding more about how everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is based on: trusting oneself, learning and growing as you go through the process, knowing your ‘why’, and best of all having fun through it all.

There were so many women to choose from that I chose instead to focus on the women behind-the-scenes who were responsible for selecting and bring these women to us. I had the pleasure of interviewing the Project manager of Pioneer Nation Sarah Holloway and the Marketing head of Levi’s for Africa, Middle East, and Pakistan Candace Gilowey to understand more about Pioneer Nation. I also had a sofa session with Mpho Macchambers of Kula Education Group – not an easy decision to make when there are so many interesting women.

Link to episode:

Love and Happiness,




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