HELP: Hello Eternal Living Presence


Due to the external hard drive crashing, as well as delays in the restoration of the drive, there will be no Leaderex interviews being published today. Unfortunately, it’s not known when the restoration will be done but I promise to keep you informed once known. It’s a pity that this had to happen but there’s a lesson in every challenge. And that’s what inspired my piece today.

I thought it would only be fair to write a brief piece on a lesson I recently learnt (a lesson I’m still practising) from Dr Micheal Bernard Beckwith, as well as other spiritual teachers. The bases of his lesson is about learning to practise empowering conversation during the challenging times of your life. Understanding how the dis-empowering words we use during our low moments manifest themselves in our lives. I don’t want to divulge too much into the various empowering conversations he teaches – considering that there are quite a few – but if you’d like to learn more about this teaching then you can catch the full episode on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, her online TV channel (details at the end).

Dr Beckwith highlights how we all share a common word when faced with difficult challenges in our lives that is: help. Often when we ask for help many of us turn to a divine intelligence, such as God, to lead us to an answer before turning to family, friends, or strangers. However when the challenges we face lead us to feel alone in the world, and we ask for help, we often begin by asking “Why me?”. Then “why me?” is followed by further questions, like “why is this happening now?”, only for these questions to leave us more depressed, sad, and isolated. Not realising our questions to the divine intelligence are ego-driven and stop us from being available to the spiritual awakening one is actually seeking.

We fail to realise how dis-empowering conversations with ourselves close us off to the miracles that the divine intelligence wishes to manifest within the present moment. In The Alchemist Paulo Coelho teaches us that the universe is always conspiring to help you achieve that which you desire. Like the shepherd boy (in The Alchemist) it’s easy to forget these teachings when caught up in the emotions of the moment. I experienced this myself last week when I kept trying so hard not to come to terms with not having a episode released today. I turned to God and kept asking “why me?”. Even though friends tried consoling me when I turned to them for help and understanding I still couldn’t let go of wanting to try anything to resolve the problem quickly. My ego wouldn’t allow me to stop feeling like I had failed. Eventually I got sick of my pity-party and chose to pray to God for forgiveness. This freed me to receiving the lesson from Dr Beckwith.

The word help is mistakenly connoted with the negative, like weak, but this is only true when the intention behind it is to dis-empower. Often times for us women there are incidents in our life where we lean on our false idea of strength in fear of being vulnerable and being seen. Consciously choosing to remain prisoners of ideas we rarely take the time to openly question. Thus truly dis-empowering ourselves to the infinite gifts the divine intelligence has for us. So next time you feel lost and isolated by the circumstances of your challenges ask the divine intelligence, of your life, for HELP: Hello Eternal Living (or Loving) Presence. And be ready to receive your answer.

Click on link to learn more about Dr Beckwith’s teachings:

Love and Happiness,




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