I am

“I am” are the single most important words we begin our day with; they determine how you feel about yourself in that moment before you introduce yourself to your partner, family, colleagues, friends, and the world. “I am” defines your mental attitude, self-worth, and perspective of yourself in the world.

The thing we often forget is even when operating in default mode – in our daily lives – there’s still time for you to paint an image of yourself. That image is painted the minute you wake up until you sleep again. It simply starts by you perceiving how you’ll be Monday morning after a weekend of fun or boredom e.g. “I’m gonna be so tired tomorrow” or “I am not looking forward to work tomorrow”. Phrases we so easily allow to slip off our tongues not realising that the consequences of it is that we become exactly that which we repeat to ourselves. We forget the power of our tongues and how the words we repeat about ourselves become things in reality. And yes not all words that we utter become things but when you say “I am” you immediately communicating to your mind who you believe yourself to be. “I am” is the driving force behind all your actions. It triggers all senses to do that which you have communicated because your mind believes that it will serve you well by bringing it to fruition. Your mind only operates to serve you what you tell it that you want, it has no filter or concept of what’s right or wrong. That job is reserved for your conscious.

The beauty of “I am” is how it paints a clear image of our limitations. It reveals how we measure ourselves by our own self-imposed limitations created by the fears we believe in. The main fears which drive our limitations are fear of poverty and fear of death, both we’ve been conditioned to believe need to be our greatest fears. These fears symbolize there to be a lack of something in our lives and the world. the irony is that there isn’t a lack of either; the thing which one truly lacks is a definiteness of purpose/aim. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, defines definiteness of purpose/aim as the starting point of all achievement and that all individual achievement begins with the adoption of a definite major purpose and a specific plan for its attainment. The definiteness of purpose creates a world where the word ‘lack’ doesn’t even feature in your vocabulary because your purpose frees you to see the abundance that lies dormant around you. One must also realise and acknowledge that you have been created in the image of God thus your only true purpose is to create a life that you can be proud of. I learnt that through my personal journey of discovering myself and it freed me to understand why I admired people like Oprah, Steve Jobs, Trevor Noah, and many other well-known leaders who realised this truth and ultimately enjoy a life that they created for themselves.

Like the bare winter tree that prepare themselves for the spring blooms take time to create and define your life. Begin your image of “I am” from a place of infinite abundance as opposed to your self-imposed limitations; then watch and see how your new mentality yields you fruits of the life you want and proud of.

Love and Happiness,


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