You are whole, complete, and abundant.

Often it’s not the noise of others but it’s the unexplored vastness within ourselves that we most battle against. The many questions about life, our purpose, and your definition of self that leaves us confused and leads us to conform. Not realizing that the source of our greatest pain lies in conformity because it’s us telling ourselves that it’s easier to exist among the masses by following without worrying about standing out. However this leads us to ask ourselves – in private – when did you tell yourself that you’re not good enough?

the great thing is that in this moment I’m here to remind you: you are whole, complete, and abundant. All your past and present pains are part of the beautiful story that makes you enough. The pieces of the mosaic that makes you have created testimonies of everything that you should trust about yourself. I know from experience that it’s always easier to want to assume and play the role of a persona of yourself in fear of people retaliating to your authentic self; but that’s what keeps people away. You see the simple truth is that deep down within everyone we all yearn to be seen and heard in our vulnerability – share that which comes naturally to us. However it’s important you understand that your vulnerability isn’t to the benefit and amusement of others to abuse and mistreat. Vulnerability is about having the strength, courage, and wisdom to know where your pain will be respected, understood, and you grow from.

Even when you chose fear of being authentic remind yourself in that moment that you are whole, complete, and abundant. And always know that God, or whichever higher power you believe in, loves you and never made any mistake in creating you.

Love and Happiness,


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